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Most people get their roof inspected when buying or selling a house, but scheduling a roof inspection every one or two years not only gives peace of mind, but can catch potential problems before they get worse. While most shingle roofs can last up to 25 years, incremental damage can reduce the lifespan and necessitate the expense of an early roof replacement.

Replacing a roof can be one of the largest expenses a homeowner may have! Roof Revivers specializes in saving our customers money by offering FREE 19-point inspection program. We carefully evaluate all aspects of your roof and identify any areas that may need repair or replacement. We take the time to thoroughly assess the condition of your roof and provide you with our recommendations.


Thorough Roof Inspection

Few roofing companies will say this, but not every roof needs to be replaced.  

At Roof Revivers, we do our best to understand the details of your home and the areas where you may have leaks or problems.  Before we making any assumptions and/or providing any covenant to you, we want to make sure we are providing a quality estimate for the service YOU NEED.

We love climbing roofs and getting in attics to get to the bottom of the issue you are experiencing! The nooks and crannies are where we go so you don’t have to.

With detailed photos and a quality report, our team member will not only help you understand the status of your roof system (including any areas of damage) but also SHOW it to you before we recommend one of our repair or replacement services.

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Google Reviews from Satisfied Property Owners All Around Columbus and Central Ohio

Matthew Hunter
“I can't say enough good things about Roof Revivers.  They are fair, honest, knowledgeable, and truly care about doing the job right.  I have had work done by them at multiple properties and recommend them to clients, friends, and neighbors. They are genuinely good people. They will continue to be the first name I call when roofing related repairs are needed.”
Hollie Shaw
“I would absolutely recommend Roof Revivers to anyone in the Columbus area. Nick made the process extremely easy to understand and it was a smooth installation from start to finish. He gave me a complete and thorough evaluation of our roof, coordinated with our insurance company, and I received communication throughout the installation process. I also appreciate the cleanup after the installation was complete. I didn’t have to worry about nails or roofing materials around the perimeter or in the driveway.”
Melissa Russell
“Nick with Roof Revivers came out to inspect my roof.  He was on time!  Wore some super special shoes that allowed him to get on the roof even though it was wet outside!  He did a very thorough analysis of the roof, age remaining, and what could be done from a maintenance perspective.  I am very appreciative of the information-based approach that Roof Revivers uses, as well as their professional service!”
Theresa Ellis
“Service is SO thorough, thoughtful, knowledgeable, professional, and personable, right from the instant we called and Rachel helped us to schedule, from when Nick came out to help us assess the issue! The estimates are incredibly reasonable, and they address every single one of our questions and concerns! Highly, highly recommend!”
Patrick Wright
“Roof Revivers did a really nice job on a roof repair.  They were timely, professional, cost-effective and easy to work with.   Later, they went above and beyond by dropping off, at my house, free of charge,  a few additional replacement shingles to fix a hole made by another contractor on a separate project.  Really amazing service!”
Jonathan Wood
“Roof Revivers is a great roofing contractor to work with.  Nick and Reed (and team) helped me with a repair that was needed on my old house and a repair on my new one.  They were excellent in communicating different options, provided fair and reasonable cost estimates, always arrived when they said they were going to, completed the work in a timely manner, and constantly followed up until everything was verified to be fixed.  I'd recommend them for all your roofing needs and plan to use them in the future”
Logan Rogers
“There is usually a sense of apprehension when you need repairs to your home.  I can't overstate how good it was to deal with Joey.  He knows what he is doing,  and is obviously skilled at troubleshooting.  Joey made sure that I understood what he was looking at and  in every respect, he proved to be a skilled, compassionate,  professional.  I highly recommend him for all of your roofing needs..”
Matthew Morris
“I've had a weird leak in my roof ever since I moved into my home, 5 years ago. Thankfully, no damage, but totally thought it was a different issue. After taking care of that problem, I was excited to see no water running down the side of my house....I was quickly disappointed. I reached out to Roof Revivers asking if they could look it over and hopefully find the problem, as well as give me an estimate for a new roof. Zeke came out and found the issue within minutes. And as luck would have it, it rained a mere 15 minutes after he fixed it....proving that he had found the leak and sealed it! I cannot thank this group enough for literally being my heroes. THANK YOU!”
Heather Clark
“We worked with Reed to get a new roof put on our house and couldn't have been happier with the service he and his crew provided.  It ran through an insurance claim, and Reed handled working directly with the adjuster while keeping me in the loop.  And he's one heck of a nice guy. We have a big house with steep roof sections, and they got the whole thing done in a couple of days.  It looks fantastic and we're very thankful.  We'd recommend Roof Revivers to anyone!”
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a cost to inspect a roof?

Free! At least through us. Certain websites say you can pay anywhere between $118.00 to $294.00. That certainly should not be the case. Other companies may have a “free inspection” but may charge for a “roofers’ opinion”. A roofer's opinion could consist of identifying a leak or a written general finding. At Roof Revivers we do not charge for either, nor do we believe in the practice to bait and switch.

What do roof inspectors look for?

The first thing you’ll hear from us, is do you have a leak and how old is the roof? From there we can now manage a game plan. Our roof inspectors will not only dive into the overall quality of your roofing system, but how long it may last and whether it needs to be replaced yesterday, or further down the road. Some roofs will suffer from subpar materials, others may suffer from lackluster installs. Our inspectors are well trained to handle the magnitude of variables when it comes to your roofing system. Not all roofs need replacing and not all roofs have issues. Sometimes people just need an opinion and guidance, we are here for you.

Why do I need a roof inspection?

Preventative maintenance and inspections are key to a healthy roofing system. Some Groups say a regular roof inspection is necessary twice a year. A proper roof inspection will not only give a sense of the current roof's condition but how it was installed initially. It’s not uncommon to see builder grade roofs with quality materials and a subpar install. A project consultant can guide you on a proper roof tune-up or an honest opinion on an estimated time for replacement. Your roof system may not leak now but, can suffer from vulnerable areas that need addressed before something catastrophic happens down the road. Lastly, even with the greatest of installs and materials, unforeseen acts of god can cause issues that were unpredictable. Wind, hail, and thermal shock are happening every day in Ohio. Before it's too late, hire a pro to help identify these issues.

Roof inspections - are they necessary?

Absolutely. Not only are most roof inspections free but they can save some serious bucks down the road. Roof inspections can be dangerous for the typical homeowner. They may keep you guessing on what the proper action should be. Don’t let a neglected roof cause more problems in the future.
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